An extranet is a secure location for sharing information with select clients. Kilpatrick Townsend uses this platform to provide the following benefits:

  • Web-based
  • Easy collaboration for sharing documents
  • Access remotely any time, any place

In order to get started, you need to have the following:

Important! Please do not share User ID / Passwords.

Click the login button

Click the Client button, or click Firm Employee if you are employed by Kilpatrick Townsend.

Enter your username and password.

Important! Do not enter the ksdmz\ prefix that was required in the old extranet.

Under Your Extranets, click your company name.

Click a folder to expand it's contents, the click on a document to download it.

When the download is finished, you will be prompted to Open or Save the document.

Click the Add Files next to a folder you want to add documents to. You will only see the button if you have write access to a folder.

After clicking Add Files, select one or more documents to upload, and click Open.

Wait until all documents have finished uploading...

...a Success! message will appear next to documents that have finished.

Important! Document updates are uploaded to our document management system as a new version and prior versions are not lost.

Click on the Update File button next to a document to update it.

Browse to the new version and then click Open.

Wait until all the document has finished uploading...

...a Success! message will appear when the update is complete.

To request that your login or site be removed, please send an email to